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What to Wear to the Airport

What to Wear to the Airport

This post could alternatively be titled, Why You Shouldn't Go to the Airport in Pajamas.

Waking up before the sun rises, crawling out of bed, hair remains a mess, but the hairbrush is already packed, it's time to head to the airport, and you look a mess. That's a scenario us frequent flyers face.

But I propose a different approach.

The outfit worn to the airport should be strategically planned to create the most space in your bag. Remove our largest pair of shoes, the bulky coat, and likely some form of pants by wearing them through the airport.

For instance, traveling in Hunter rain boots is not ideal comfort, but not having to check a bag or even bring a carry on makes it worth it. Especially, when you arrive at the Dublin airport to find out the gate is malfunctioning and you'll have to walk across the tarmac, oh and in a big Irish welcome, it's raining.

Not like I'm speaking from personal experience or anything.

Remember, the outfit you choose is what you'll be wearing when you arrive at your destination. If you decide comfort is more important than fashion, you can be sure to hear the words of Stacy London, the host from What Not to Wear, saying, "comfort is not a style." Of course, you can look presentable and still be comfortable, but don't choose your most comfortable/least attractive outfit. 

You don't want to get off the plane and have to go directly to the hotel to change. Sometimes you'll be arriving before your accommodation's check in time. Better to start the day, looking ready for the town, of course carrying your stylish backpack/personal item with you as you explore.

But I've been holding out on the best part.

When you dress nicely, think business casual, you are treated differently at the airport. The employees treat you with more respect; you are more likely to get an upgrade from the counter. If you check into a hotel, you are more inclined to be upgraded. People like working with people they like, know, and trust. You can enhance the trust factor by the clothes you wear. 

Sample outfits for women include: 

A) Town Ready: colored jeans (white), chiffon blouse, blazer or sweater, necklace or earrings, watch, heels, and braided hair (lasts through the plane ride and when you land/take it out, you have gorgeous wavy hair.)

B) Date or Dinner upon Arrival Ready: sweater dress, leggings, boots, watch, earrings, hair in a ballet bun.

C) Most Comfortable, but Still Stylish and Activity Ready: joggers or Nike shorts, sports bra and moisture wicking tank, athletic hoodie, clean sneakers, braided hair, stud earrings (they make a difference).

All in all, you have to wear the outfit for the entire transit, so it has to be something that you aren't dying to take off after 20 minutes. The outfit must be warm enough to without the plane's constant air conditioning, and cool enough for your destination. 

Think ahead, plan out your outfit the day before and leave it out in the morning. Use the extra space in your bag as space for souvenirs, packed with more things, or used as buffer space in case you don't pack quite as tightly on the return trip!

See you next Wednesday,

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